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Beranda » Schneider Electric » CONTACTOR SCHNEIDER LC1D40AM7 60A


Kode: LC1D40AM7 60A Stok: Tersedia
Berat : 750 gram
Kondisi : Baru
Kategori : Schneider Electric
Dilihat : 317 kali
Ulasan : 7 ulasan
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Pusat Penjualan Contactor Schneider Online di Jakarta, kami menjual Contactor Schneider LC1D40AM7 Berkualitas dengan harga Murah.


– 3 Phase

–  60 Amper

–  220 Vac


Contactor LC1D09E7 Schneider, Contactor LC1D50AM7 Schneider, Contactor Schneider LC1D18M7, Contactor LC1D32M7 Schneider.

–  Magnetic Contactor Fuji Electric, Magnetic Contactor Mitsubishi, Magnetic Contactor Teco, Contactor Siemens, Magnetic Contactor Shihlin.

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Ditambahkan pada: 30 March 2021

7 ulasan untuk produk CONTACTOR SCHNEIDER LC1D40AM7 60A

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